What’s in it for you? Here’s what we can offer…

We’ll bring the Life Education Bus to your school. It’s seriously cool inside with a life-size model of the human body, a huge video screen, a starlit night-sky ceiling (this will definitely make the children go ‘oooh’!) and – everyone’s favourite – Harold the Happy and Healthy Giraffe (trust us, he’s a legend)!

We’ll deliver a Life Education session to each class in the school. There’s a different programme (or lesson) for each Year Group from Nursery / Foundation (3 to 4 year olds) to Year 6 (10 to 11 year olds).

We’ll use a wide range of teaching and learning styles – whole class discussion, paired work, reflection, hands-on activities, dance, drama, games and puppetry (that’s where Harold comes in!) – so that, at some point in every session, every child’s brain is turned on and they are learning in their preferred way.

We’ll teach using lots of very specific positive teaching techniques. These will increase the children’s interest, boost their learning and raise their self-esteem to boot! We will also help each child to feel comfortable, valued and positive about their bodies, health issues and themselves.

We’ll give you a Teachers Resource Pack of follow-up activities that you can use back in class to get the most out of your Life Education visit.

After your visit from the Life Education Bus, staff and pupils can complete our online questionnaires. We’ll then send you a report, summarising the impact of our visit, which you can use as part of your portfolio of evidence for the delivery of PSHE in your school.

How much does it cost?

A visit from the Life Education Bus currently costs £390 per day (and £220 for half a day). The overall cost of the visit will depend on the number of classes in your school. We can see 3 or 4 classes each day, so a school with 7 classes (one in each Year Group), for example, would require a 2 day visit. The cost of our visits is usually equivalent to approximately £3.75 per pupil.

We want to make our visits as affordable as possible to all the schools we visit and can often offer discounted prices thanks to external funding we receive.

However, we appreciate that funding a visit from us can be difficult for some schools.

Below are some suggestions of possible funding sources – many of which have proved fruitful for schools in helping them to fund a visit from Life Education.

  • Local Council / Parish Council – this has been successful in South Gloucestershire
  • Local businesses – most have ongoing Community Programmes
  • Local Church
  • PTA / Friends of the School
  • Parents – could possibly contribute towards the cost of the visit
  • Pupil Premium – some schools may be able to use this funding source
  • Local Rotary & Soroptomist Clubs – after all, Rotary helped launch Life Education
  • Local Development initiatives
  • Specific school event – e.g. sponsored walk or football ‘keepy-uppies’ – several schools use Life Education as the focus of a Health / Science week
  • Local sports club – close links to health issues and will need players in the future!

Many of these involve the wider community. As effective health and drug education requires a whole-community approach, this can be beneficial in terms of pursuing funding. After all, by helping today’s children to develop essential life skills we are helping tomorrow’s parents, employees and citizens to lead happier, healthier lives.


If you want to find out more about our Programme, then feel free to download our latest Programme Overview, which gives a synopsis and set of learning outcomes for each of our primary aged programmes.

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